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Rafaela Sulzbach

Web Designer

Born in Brazil and currently based in Portugal, Rafaela has nurtured a strong interest in arts and media from an early age. Starting with personal website projects as a teenager, she has always sought to combine creativity with smart solutions, leading her into the field of web design.

Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Design and a Master's degree in Game Design and Development, Rafaela is dedicated to finding innovative ways to solve problems and create impactful designs. Her experience across diverse industries such as fashion, consulting, and recruitment provides her with a unique perspective on communicating with users from various backgrounds.

Currently pursuing a Doctorate in Media Arts, Rafaela is an academic at heart. She views her work with Arcadia as an opportunity to enhance her skills as a web designer while contributing to the company's mission of delivering meaningful content. Her aim is to bridge her academic pursuits with practical applications, thereby enriching both her professional journey and the user experience she helps to create.

Rafaela Sulzbach
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