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Providing Art & Education in Every Sphere

Arcadia is a form of Utopia for people who are interested in every aspect of Art.Arcadia is a non-profit organization whose main ideology lies behind creating high-quality articles in various areas from literature to science and providing aesthetic contents on social media platforms while sharing the educational purpose of academic articles, free, to all people around the globe.


Our Story

When the first humans created in Greek Mythology , they have been created as golden race of humanity. In this race, the world that they were living was a form of utopia.There was no aging, no hunger, no need for hunting. Animals and humans were living together and people were advancing in every  aspect of Art & Science.

By Arcadia, aims to creation a utopia for people who are interested in true aspects of Art to Science. At the same time with Arcadia's true art philosophy , our second and one of the most important aim of sharing our knowledge and education with people all around the world is one of the our high priorities. So that education by Arcadia is provided to people who can not afford or  the education not available in their country can achieve their desire to learn by Arcadia.

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