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Galina Aleksandrova

Web Designer

Galina Aleksandrova was born in 1996 in the small town of Yakutsk, situated in northeast Russia. She now resides in Catalonia, Spain. By the age of 20, she had earned her Bachelor's degree in Food Technology and Processing from Saint Petersburg ITMO University. Since then, Galina has explored various roles and industries, including working as a food process technician, an election company assistant, a tour guide in Vietnam, and an administrative assistant for her local city hall.

In 2022, Galina received training in iOS development from the Apple Developer Academy in southern Italy. This program allowed her to develop a unique skill set that blends technology and user experience design. She applied these skills by developing and managing an iOS app for soap makers, showcasing her ability to combine technical expertise with practical applications.

Following her training in iOS development, Galina's curiosity about technology grew even stronger. She began learning frontend development, expanding her knowledge of web development. This journey enabled her to understand the complete lifecycle of web and mobile applications, enhancing her capability to design and develop user-centric digital solutions.

Galina champions an open world without borders, a belief that has driven her diverse career path. Her passion for technology, design, and continual growth led her to join Arcadia as a web designer. In this role, she leverages her expertise in iOS development, frontend technologies, and user experience design to create innovative solutions.

Galina is enthusiastic about multicultural work environments and values learning from others. She looks forward to the next chapter of her career, aiming to further refine her skills and contribute to impactful projects. Her areas of expertise include iOS development, frontend development, user experience design, and project management in tech-driven environments.

Galina Aleksandrova
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