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Life can create opportunities for everyone to enjoy various topics in different areas. By Arcadia, we establish a place where you can enjoy from Literature to Science, with unique expressions on your trip at Arcadia


Arcadia is a place where you can enjoy literature from every sphere of  the world. You can re-discover Spanish literature by Pablo Neruda while enjoy revolutionist sides of French literature by Louis Aragon. Enjoy nice British evening by William  Shakespeare and get morning chills by Turkish author Orhan Pamuk

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It born from the first lights of atoms and becomes a new foundation for 21st century developments. By Arcadia, you will be able to fully discover Science from outer space areas to genetic molecules.

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As an non profit international organization with more than 237 Member Volunteers, the Arcadia is uniquely positioned to address and highlight global topics.

Arcadia Across The Board

What Do They Stand For ?

They are categories of articles that Arcadia is writing for. Our main ideology lies behind the reason of sharing our education with people all around the world and these are the categories we have the knowledge of and like to share globally.

What To Read ?

By Arcadia, you are able to access many different categories by professional academic writers. You can look for deeper learning on your existing knowledge or you can learn new topics and majors by our 101 series of articles. 

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