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Jinghan Wang

Web Designer

Jinghan Wang was born in China and developed a strong interest in art from an early age due to his family environment. While in China, Jinghan focused on the field of interactive design, designing interfaces for mobile phones and websites for several technology companies. During his undergraduate studies, he came to the United Kingdom to complete his education and now holds two bachelor's degrees in Technology Design and Industrial Design.

Currently, Jinghan is studying Communication Design in the UK. As a communication designer, he is passionate about providing users with outstanding experiences through innovative website design. Proficient in interactive design, he translates complex concepts into intuitive interfaces to enhance user efficiency and comfort. He is well-versed in user experience design principles, emphasizing attention to detail and emotional connection with users, striving to create engaging website experiences.

Jinghan looks forward to the next chapter of his career, eagerly anticipating contributing his expertise to the Arcadia team. He is enthusiastic about vibrant company cultures, constantly pursuing innovation, and continuously learning new technologies and trends to maintain competitiveness in this evolving field.

Jinghan Wang
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