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Laura Contessi


Laura Contessi, a Swiss national born in 2000, has cultivated a profound passion for literature and art, underpinned by a distinguished academic background. She holds a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature with Distinction from Trinity College Dublin and a First-Class Honours Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Linguistics from the University of Basel. Laura’s academic journey has been enriched by international experiences, including Erasmus programmes at Cardiff University and the Università degli Studi di Firenze, as well as participation in the Scottish Universities’ International Summer School at The University of Edinburgh.

Throughout her studies, Laura gained valuable work experience as a Student Assistant and Substitute Teacher, supporting esteemed professors in research and teaching activities. She demonstrated her skills in database research, proofreading, editing, bibliography maintenance, and administrative tasks.

As an Italian native speaker, Laura exhibits remarkable linguistic capabilities, with C1 proficiency in English and German, a good knowledge of Spanish and French, and competence in ancient Latin. Her commitment to linguistic development is further evidenced by her certifications and language study stays.

Beyond her academic and professional endeavours, Laura is actively engaged in social causes. She volunteers with the Fondazione Nuovo Fiore in Africa, contributing to the advancement of basic education for children and the reduction of illiteracy and social injustice. Her dedication to the Arcadia volunteer position is driven by shared motivations, aiming to build a more accessible and equitable world.

Laura's specialties include:

• Comparative Literature

• Linguistics

• Literary Analysis

• Multilingual Proficiency

• Research and Teaching Assistance

Laura Contessi
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