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Riccardo Pallotta, was born at 1991 in Jesi, a town in centre of Italy. After high school, he moved to Rome and started his communication studies in “La Sapienza” university. During the bachelor's degree he won the Erasmus scholarship and he moved for 6 months to the city of Tampere in Finland. Here he conceived and hosted a radio program for “Radio Moreeni” with an international group of young people and he studied in Tampere University.

When he returned to Italy he enrolled in the specialist degree in communication and marketing in Bologna. After various experiences as an actor both in the theater and in the cinema, in 2010 he founded a film school with some friends, of which he is president. In 2013 he attended a master's degree in non-verbal communication (FACS and BCS) and he obtained a diploma. In 2019 he perfected his training with a master's degree in entertainment communication and marketing.

Since 2021 he is freelance and deals with communication and marketing for individuals and companies in various sectors (from fashion to furniture, passing through wellness and culture) as well as writing for various newspapers and magazines. Experienced traveler, since 2019 he organizes and coordinates trips for Weroad. He is a Shaolin Kung fu instructor.

His specialty areas are:

• Communication and marketing

• Cinema

• Travel

• Innovations and Sustainability

• Sport

Riccardo Pallotta

Riccardo Pallotta

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