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Mwikali Mulinge

Compliance Consultant

Mwikali G. Mulinge is an accomplished legal and governance professional with over 4 years of experience in legal compliance, policy development, corporate governance management, and employment law. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Law from the Kenya School of Law, a Bachelor's Degree in Law (LLB) from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya, and is a Certified Professional Mediator (CPM - MTI EA).

In her role as a Legal Officer in the Higher Education industry in Kenya, Mwikali has gained valuable experience in developing and implementing legal compliance policies and procedures to enhance governance and minimize legal risks. She ensures legal compliance by reviewing policies, procedures, and operations, maintaining a robust legal framework aligned with relevant laws and regulations. Mwikali also provides legal and corporate governance support to the institutional governance bodies, facilitates efficient board meetings, and contributes to policy development.

Mwikali's expertise includes contract drafting and negotiation, legal audits, risk management, employment law, human resources, and data protection. She is skilled in conducting legal research, providing advisory services, and advising on complex legal and regulatory issues.

With her strong legal background, governance expertise, and meticulous attention to detail, Mwikali is committed to ensuring legal compliance, mitigating risks, and contributing to the strategic objectives of the organizations she serves. She is currently pursuing a Master of Laws (LLM) in International Financial Law and Regulation at Strathmore University.

Mwikali Mulinge
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