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Maja Lazic

HR Recruitment Officer

Maja Lazic, born in Belgrade, Serbia. As a dedicated student with a keen passion for Human Resources, her journey into the world of HR began with a strong academic foundation. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Sheffield, City College Europe Campus, she decided to transfer her knowledge of human psyche to the field of Human Resources. Currently, she is completing a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management at the University of York, City College Europe Campus. The educational foundation does not only reflect her commitment to understanding human behavior in an organizational setting, but also equips her with essential knowledge of management and leadership necessary for this field.

During the study years, she was constantly on the lookout for practical opportunities and internships in Recruitment and HR, wishing to understand the real side of working in this industry. Throughout that journey, she has nurtured the core values that encompass integrity, professionalism and respect to candidates while promoting continuous improvement and empathy.

She strongly believes that creating an inclusive workplace fosters diversity and enhances employees’ well-being which ultimately leads to an engaged and productive workforce and strengthens organizational image and success.

One of her favorite hobbies is dancing which helps her express feelings and thoughts.

Areas of specialty:
-Human Resource Management
-Career Coaching
-Learning and Development

Maja Lazic
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