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Kevin Delgadillo

HR Consultant

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in 1997, and having moved to the United States at the age of two, Kevin possesses a unique perspective shaped by diverse cultural experiences. His early memories are rooted in English, but upon returning to Bolivia at the age of seven, he faced the challenge of learning Spanish and understanding the complexities of Bolivian identity within the context of a private school education.

Having recently graduated with a degree in Psychology from a private university in 2023, Kevin is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Work Psychology and Organisations at the University of Buenos Aires. His international experiences, including living in the United States and travelling to Brazil, have significantly influenced his worldview, fostering a sense of independence and a deep appreciation for social connections.

Fluency in English and Spanish, alongside a working knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese, has been instrumental in both Kevin's personal and professional spheres. These language skills have facilitated numerous opportunities, including his current role at Arcadia, where he is aligned with the company’s mission and able to connect with a diverse array of individuals.

Kevin's career focuses on Organisational Psychology, driven by the understanding that work significantly impacts social and mental well-being. Internships at the Red Cross and experience as a recruiter have cultivated his passion for enhancing the quality of work life and fostering meaningful human connections.

Beyond professional pursuits, Kevin has a keen interest in urban design and mobility, reflecting on how city planning prioritises its inhabitants. His interest in psychotherapy further enriches his life, bringing joy through aiding others in achieving happiness and self-expression.

At Arcadia, Kevin aims to contribute to the development and well-being of the team, providing valuable feedback and fostering a sense of community. He strongly believes in the power of creating a fun, engaging work environment that supports the organisation’s mission and celebrates the diverse talents within the team.

Kevin Delgadillo
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