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Catherine Lavania

HR Recruitment Officer

Born in Ireland, Catherine is a dedicated and people-oriented individual with a strong foundation in Human Resource Management. With a Bachelor's degree and several diplomas and certificates in related fields, she aims to bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to Arcadia’s HR team. In the upcoming academic year, Catherine will be pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, demonstrating her commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Known for her hardworking nature and readiness to take on new challenges, Catherine thrives in dynamic environments where adaptability and proactive problem-solving are key. Outside of her academic and professional pursuits, she maintains an active lifestyle, enjoying activities such as going for walks and keeping fit. This balance of physical activity and professional focus contributes to a great work/life balance.

In addition to her passion for human resources, Catherine enjoys writing content in her free time, combining creative writing techniques with effective communication skills. This unique blend of talents makes her a valuable asset to any team, capable of engaging with colleagues and stakeholders effectively.

Catherine is excited to bring her skill set and enthusiastic approach to the HR intern position, eager to contribute to the team’s success and continue growing within the field of Human Resource Management.

Catherine Lavania
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