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Jovana Doderovic

Academic Advisor

Jovana Doderović was born in 1994 in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. After finishing high school, she moved to Serbia, where she obtained a BSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Novi Sad. During her bachelor’s studies, she participated in projects focused on population genetics and the genetic diversity of certain insect species. At the same university, she pursued an MSc in Molecular Biology, concentrating on inhibitors of a protein involved in hormone-dependent cancers.

In 2018, Jovana moved to Prague to undertake a PhD in evolutionary-developmental biology at Charles University. Her research centred on the development of the visual system and ventral nerve cord of a relatively new model organism, the annelid worm Platynereis dumerilii. In 2024, she joined a team working on mouse models of Alzheimer's disease.

Beyond her scientific pursuits, Jovana has a keen interest in mental health research, encompassing both biological and psychological aspects, as well as various techniques for managing mental health. She enjoys travelling and learning about other cultures, with a particular passion for art in all its forms.

Specialty Areas:

• Molecular Biology
• Evolutionary-developmental Biology
• Cell Biology

Jovana Doderovic
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