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Ianina Volkova

Ghost Editor

Ianina started their academic path with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology majoring in clinical psychology. Soon after they got a Master’s degree in English Philology at the University of Ostrava (Ostrava, the Czech Republic) where they were researching names and naming as an instrument of plot navigation in a literary work. Later Ianina proceeded further to a Doctoral Program in English Literature at Masaryk University (Brno, the Czech Republic).

Ianina is professionally involved into writing and publishing businesses both as a writer and editor. They are a published author of fiction and non-fiction books, novels and short stories, some of which have brought Ianina modest literary awards. Ianina is fascinated by contemporary English and American literature, perusing to explore the depths of literary art through the means of both creative writing and academic research.

The motivation behind their work as an editor is to support their colleagues in the mission of creating educational content of high quality, written in an accurate and clear manner, so it can be understood by readers of various academic backgrounds. Being an admirer and researcher of Ayn Rand’s heritage, Ianina holds a strong opinion that those who are willing to educate themselves should be provided with all means possible and supported on the way to individual progress.

Their main specialty areas:

• Creative writing, with preference to novels, short stories and flash fiction.
• Weird Fiction Literature, mainly contemporary anglophone works.
• Liminal Studies, as long as the findings are useful for literary work.

Ianina Volkova
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