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Eugenia Fernández

Ghost Editor

Eugenia Fernández was born in 1998, in the lovely Mediterranean city of Córdoba, Spain.

She commenced her academic journey by diving headfirst into the world of playing the cello at the conservatory. She always had a passion for arts and culture, which led her to pursue further studies in Madrid, completing a Bachelor in Musicology and then a Master in Cultural Management. Additionally, she discovered a passion for psychology that led her to study Cognitive Neuroscience of Music in London.

Having a background in arts, music, and psychology, she is keen on projects that blend the worlds of art and health. Furthermore, she is enthusiastic about travelling and exploring other cultures, which sparks her curiosity to learn other languages and fuels her fascination with the fields of linguistics, translation and editing.

In her free time, she enjoys dancing, exploring with her film camera, roller-skating, hiking, travelling, visiting cozy cafes or browsing the shelves of a charming bookshop.

Her main fields of interest are:

• Musicology
• Arts in health
• Neuropsychology
• Music therapy
• Ethnomusicology
• Cultures and languages
• Anthropology
• Ecomusicology

Eugenia Fernández
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