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Aude Ramadier


Aude Ramadier was born in 1986 in the Paris region, France. She has always had a deep love for history and mythology, particularly ancient Egypt, and as a child, she dreamed of becoming an archaeologist.

Naturally, Aude pursued studies in art history. During her Bachelor’s degree, she developed a keen interest in 18th-century French furniture and decorative arts. She went on to earn a Master’s in Art Market Management, which led to five years of work with renowned antique dealers and prestigious auction houses, followed by a role in an insurance consultancy.

Aspiring to take the competitive examination to become an auctioneer, Aude returned to academia and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in law. During a skills assessment, she discovered the profession of proofreading, which allowed her to blend her passion for literature with the skills acquired throughout her professional career and personal interests.

Since September 2022, Aude has been working as a freelance proofreader and is currently training in developmental editing and English proofreading (Chicago Manual of Style). With an academic background in art history and a passion for writing, poetry, and culture, she particularly enjoys projects that combine these areas.

Aude holds strong ethical, feminist, and environmental beliefs and strives daily to make a positive impact on the world around her. In her spare time, she enjoys acquiring more books and teas than necessary, listening to punk and metal music, writing, attending concerts, visiting countries with rich historical and archaeological heritage, and sharing her passions with her daughters.

Her main areas of expertise are:

History of Art
Intimate Writing
Ecology and Sustainable Development
Feminism and the Convergence of Struggles
Insurance Law

Aude Ramadier
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