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Visual Literacy 101

Critical eye to the manipulation of mass culture...

Visual Literacy 101 articles serve as one of the academic courses in this precise field. The main aim of this research is to focus attention on the analysis of the topic of “mass culture”, its visual representations, and the ways it takes action through imagery and its components. The theoretical framework will be covered from a “counter hegemonic” stance and, essentially, the project involves the attempt to create a diagonal discourse that promotes visual literacy through the idea of art as a pedagogical and revolutionary act, since it moves collective subjectivities.

Visual Literacy 101 will be mainly divided into the following chapters of content:

1. Visual Literacy 101: Where the necessity begins: examples and contextualisation of control

2. Visual Literacy 101: A background to mass culture

3. Visual Literacy 101: Cultural Industry and what it implies

4. Visual Literacy 101: Manipulation through images

5. Visual Literacy 101: How is this manoeuvre orchestrated?

6. Visual Literacy 101: Learning to identify manipulation: conditioning factors

7. Visual Literacy 101: A critical eye to the situation: Visual Literacy

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