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Personal Identity 101

Uncover the mysteries of the self...

Personal identity 101 was designed as an independent series of articles around the topic of identity and self. It joins various philosophical, psychological, and sociological theories to explain the importance of personal identity and its inspiration on different existential questions. Articles will be saturated with diverse ideas, concepts, and anticipated or scientifically proven theories that encourage readers to dive deeper into the topic and identify their position in this dilemma.

Personal Identity 101 consists of 8 articles. After completing the course, readers will be able to see the correlation between society and the self and vice versa.

1. Personal Identity 101: The Body Theory

2. Personal Identity 101: The Mind and Consciousness Theory

3. Personal Identity 101: The Soul Theory

4. Personal Identity 101: How Identity is Socially Constructed

5. Personal Identity 101: History, Culture, and Myself

6. Personal Identity 101: Contemporary World and Its Influence on Personal Identity

7. Personal Identity 101: Identity problems: Am I good enough?

8. Personal Identity 101: Future of Personal Identity: Flying Cars and Smiling Android

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