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Tina Nagy

Art Consultant

Tina Nagy was born in Subotica, Serbia in 1993. She got her bachelor’s and master's degree in art history at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Her main interest is romantic and 19th century landscape painting. She’s also very passionate about pop culture and cinema, in which she likes to recognize art history references.

She volunteered on various projects and exhibitions in her hometown, including guest lecturing and art collection digitalization. She worked as a content writer, and recently she moved to Vienna. She’s looking for a new adventure, but meanwhile she’s immersing herself in the beauties of the city. She’s curating an Instagram page dedicated to the depictions of the moon throughout art history, as well as in contemporary art. It’s a romantic motif carrying rich symbolism in many cultures and relevant throughout the ages, including the time we live in.

In her free time she enjoys long walks in nature and visiting museums, or spending quiet time at home with her books, films, music, yoga mat and journal. She’s an empathic and friendly individual who believes learning about art can help us get by in the world we live in and understand all its aspects better.

Tina Nagy
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