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Briony Trott

Art Illustrator

Briony Trott is an accomplished UK-based Illustrator renowned for her expertise in concept art, character design, and background creation. With an innate passion for the arts, Briony has demonstrated exceptional skill in visual development, particularly in crafting captivating narratives through her illustrations.

Briony earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Illustration, after which she embarked on a successful freelance career. Her portfolio boasts collaborations with diverse small publications and clients, showcasing her versatility in set design for local pantomimes and her adept management of a T-shirt printing workshop at the renowned WOMAD festival for the past five years.

Currently, Briony is an integral part of the Arcadia team, where she actively contributes to refining her craft and shaping her artwork in a dynamic industry environment. Proficient in both digital and traditional media, Briony possesses a unique talent for weaving imaginative stories into her illustrations, capturing the essence of each narrative she brings to life.

Driven by a desire to delve into the boundless creativity of the children's television industry, Briony aspires to make her mark as a storyboard artist, designer, or visual development artist. Her adaptive style and relentless pursuit of innovation position her as a promising talent poised to make impactful contributions in this vibrant and imaginative field.

Briony Trott
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