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Debora Beninati Mendiola

Compliance Consultant

Debora Beninati Mendiola, an Italian and Spanish individual born in Gattinara, a village in northern Italy, graduated in Law from LIUC Carlo Cattaneo University. Passionate about international law, she focused her studies on arbitration. In 2017, seeking to deepen her legal knowledge at a European and global level and validate her law degree, she embarked on her professional career and pursued a Master's degree in International Relations.

In her professional journey, she has applied her legal expertise in the financial world. In 2024, she will begin her role as a Compliance Officer in a global financial company in Brussels, aiming to deepen her understanding of the European legal field.

Fluent in English and French, in addition to her mother tongues, Italian and Spanish, Debora is expanding her linguistic skills by learning Russian to facilitate global communication.

Beyond her professional pursuits, she is an avid reader with a special affinity for history, continually seeking to enrich her perspectives on life and the world. She is passionate about culture and nature, which has led her to travel to many countries. Additionally, she is a lover of cooking and art.

Debora Beninati Mendiola
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