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Sonita Masso

HR Recruitment Officer

Sonita Masso was born in Cameroon and later moved to Italy to further her studies. She graduated from the University of Siena with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science in 2019 and a Master’s degree in Strategies and Techniques of Communication (First Class Honors) in 2022.

She has gathered experience in Human Resources working as an HR Generalist Intern in a pharmaceutical company and as an HR Assistant with an interior design company. She has also worked as a Translator and Linguistic and Cultural Mediator for a social cooperative. Sonita is a native speaker of English and French and proficient in Italian.

Equipped with great empathy and communication skills, she loves being useful to people, which she did as a cultural mediator and translator, managing to fully immerse herself in the other's shoes. Communication for her is a tool to get in tune with the others and must above all be clear and effective. From her experience in Human Resources, she appreciates the ability to connect and relate with people. In Arcadia, she does not only hope to bring significant contributions to the team’s activities, but also to learn from an inclusive environment.

Her specialties:
- Talent Acquisition
- Employee Relations
- Onboarding
- Learning and Development

Sonita Masso
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