Serena Polidoro

Human Resources Assistant

Serena Polidoro was born in Italy in 1997. She has a background in Linguistic Mediation Sciences, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree with honors at the University of Macerata, Italy. During her studies, she broadened her international experience by spending six months on the island of Lanzarote, Spain, enrolling in the Bachelor’s degree of Tourism in a program entirely held in Spanish. She is currently employed full-time as a flight attendant for an international airline based in Dubai, UAE, working with a team of more than 20.000 employees from all over the world.

Thanks to her international studies and her work experience in a dynamic and multicultural environment, she developed a strong cultural awareness and sensitivity towards different nationalities. Working in close contact with people - both colleagues and customers - brought her to understand the importance of the human factor in every organization. As a result, she recently decided to dive into the world of HR, enrolling in a Master’s Degree in HR & Organization at the Rome Business School.

Curious and eager to learn, her main goal is to bring her career to the next level by further specializing in the field of human resources. This would mean achieving personal and professional growth and contributing to the employees’ and organization’s well-being. Traveling is part of her lifestyle. Fun fact: she visited more than 40 countries and she is never on the same continent for longer than a week.

Her specialty areas:
• Cultural competence
• Intercultural communication
• Human Resources

Serena Polidoro