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Narmina Baghishova

HR Recruitment Officer

Narmina Baghishova was born in 2002 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

She currently lives in Portugal, where she is finishing her double degree program at the Polytechnic Institute of Braganca sponsored by Erasmus+. Her major is International Business Management and at the moment she is working on her thesis. After completing her bachelor’s degree, she intends on getting a master’s degree in strategic human resources management.

In her third year of university, she developed an interest in Human Resources Management and decided that that will be the career path she would like to pursue. As a result, she interned at the HR department in Mugan Bank, a local bank in Baku. During her internship, she worked alongside professionals who have year’s experience in the field and, consequently, her interest grew bigger.

She is a passionate, hard-working individual and determined to achieve the career goals she has set for herself and she strongly believes that working in Arcadia will be the first step in that direction. She is excited to step into the world of HRM and finally start pursuing the career path she always wanted. She hopes to gain skills in various aspects of HRM that will make her a demanding and respectable specialist in the field.

Narmina Baghishova
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