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Maria Ioanna Chamntani

HR Recruitment Officer

Maria Ioanna Chamntani, was born in Athens, Greece in 1999, and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations in Peloponnese in 2022. Her specialization is international affairs and conflicts. During her studies she completed training based on Business Intelligence, HR Analytics, ITand; HR Consulting Services. Her previous experience as a client service agent gave her the chance to elevate her skills in communication, time and stress management. While her passion and motivation about people and how to create better conditions grew, she decided to take part in an internship in Madrid, Spain that enabled her to put into practice everything that had learned so far. Through this experience she became more aware of diversity, inclusion and her team working skills elevated. In September 2022, she decided to pursue a Master`s degree at the University of Sussex, in the UK
upon Human Resource Management in order to gain the academic knowledge that is mandatory for this field.

Being a part of Arcadia is going to give her much more experience in the recruitment process within a multicultural environment, in employee engagement surveys and in organizational skills.

Her specialty areas are:

• International Affairs
• Employee Engagement
• Diversity and Inclusion

Maria Ioanna Chamntani
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