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María Mazzoli

HR Recruitment Officer

María Mazzoli was born in April 1990 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Psychology at Universidad Católica Argentina. After finishing her studies she specialized in Clinical Psychology in the Public Health System.

She worked as a Clinical Psychologist in Argentina for seven years following the Psychoanalytic orientation and in September 2022 she moved to Spain to follow her dreams. In this life change she aspires to develop herself in the Human Resources area growing as a Recruiter, since she had a previous experience in the field in 2014 which she found interesting. Now, after growing in her career, she is willing to add value to the recruitment processes with her deep understanding of human psychology.

She believes that empathy and consideration towards the candidate´s subjectivity are
necessary to develop humanized processes of recruitment that can benefit not only the
candidate´s experience but also the organization. She loves languages and interacting with people of different cultures. She is passionate about the academic world, particularly about Psychoanalysis, and in her free time she loves writing poetry; singing, yoga, and cycling. She found in Arcadia the opportunity to develop and deepen her HR skills as she can, as well, contribute to the aim of the organization of sharing academic and art content with an educational purpose to people around the world.

Her specialty areas are:

. Clinical Psychology
. Public Health
. Team work
. Interviews

María Mazzoli
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