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Ioanna Mastropaskoua

HR Recruitment Officer

Ioanna Mastropaskoua was born in 1979 at the city of Patras, Peloponnese, Greece and currently lives in Athens. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Athens, she began her career by immersing herself in the exciting world of the Olympic Games. In 2004, she served as a dedicated
volunteer recruiter, contributing to the success of the event by assembling a diverse and talented team.

Transitioning to a more personal arena, she dedicated the next two decades to a family business on imports and wholesale, where she assumed a key role as an Operations Executive. In this pivotal position, she championed efficiency, teamwork, and strategic growth, leaving an indelible mark on the family business. Eager to deepen her understanding of the intersection between psychology and business and to embrace new challenges, she pursued a Master’s degree in Business Psychology. This academic endeavor became a catalyst for a career shift, as she decided to channel this enriched understanding into the dynamic field of Human Resources.

Ioanna brings a unique blend of interpersonal and communication skills, coupled with a keen understanding of human psychology and operational excellence. Her ultimate goal, to cultivate significant relationships and foster meaningful connections within the dynamic landscape of HR, is leading to employee engagement and organizational success.

Areas of specialty:
• Talent Acquisition
• Work Well-being
• Employee Evaluation and Development
• Employee relations
• Human Resources Management

Ioanna Mastropaskoua
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