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Esra Kurul

HR Recruitment Officer

Esra Kurul was born in 2001 in Turkey. She has a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature at Mustafa Kemal University, graduated in 2024. Currently, she is working as Human Resources Recruitment Officer in Arcadia.

She has a keen interest in such as English Literature, Translation, Linguistics, and Teaching Language, led her to improve herself about these subjects at academy. Additionally, she has previous experience working as a freelance translator and English teacher. At university, participating in the Erasmus Plus Program, both in Poland and Spain, during her undergraduate studies was a transformative experience for her. It helped her become more aware of herself and independent. She also developed a stronger passion for traveling and exploring different cultures and languages. Moreover, Esra made a significant contribution to Ted talks. Her role as a translator and language supervisor, making her contributions highly valuable to English and Turkish languages.

Esra's passion for connecting and engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds, combined with her academic background and experiences, enables her to foster a diverse work environment. Now, she intends to apply her knowledge and organizational skills to further Arcadia's mission.

Esra Kurul
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