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Donald Machiri

HR Recruitment Officer

Donald was born in 1989 on the 8th of November in Zimbabwe and he graduated from the university of Cape Town in South Africa with a B.Soc.Sc ( sociology,gender studies & social anthropology). Worked in sales and recruitment in South Africa in the field of education and ended up in Japan as a language consultant in schools. He always had a passion for Human Resources,naturally being good with people helped him settle in Japan.

He wants to maximize his potential in recruitment in Japan as there is a need to lessen friction in the labour market because of the demographic shifts there. He is interested in fintech through blockchain technology and how that shift is going to affect society in a positive way by banking the unbanked and de-incentivizing loose monetary policies . The blockchain also includes the digitization of artworks through nfts thereby helping artists to control the narrative through their art. Being part of Arcadia actually syncs with that narrative because education through art etc has to be decentralized for everyone to access it.


• Human Resources
• Fintech
• Blockchain

Donald Machiri
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