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Alexandra Comanescu

HR Culture Specialist

Alexandra is a 23 year old psychology student currently studying clinical psychology at the University of Bucharest. Her love for psychology was born out of her desire to help people become the best version of themselves and with the help of the quote "Be who you needed when you were younger".
Following this mantra, Alexandra is passionate about personal development and is constantly searching for opportunities and experiences that will challenge her and expand her horizons both from a professional perspective but also a personal one. Alexandra loves working with people, whether through trainings and workshops, in the educational and human resources fields, or through a therapeutic process in a clinical context.

Through her previous working experience, Alexandra tends to gravitate towards social causes that help make a difference in the world around her and contribute to the growth of a more inclusive society such as mental health awareness and anti discrimination campaigns.

As for her hobbies, Alexandra likes to enjoy every beautiful thing that surrounds her, but is particularly passionate about cinematography, photography and of course, traveling and getting to experience the world around her as much as possible.

Alexandra Comanescu
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