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Abril Croppi

HR Recruitment Officer

Abril Croppi, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2000, stands as a vibrant and accomplished recent graduate in Business Management, adorned with a global outlook. At the tender age of 12, she embarked on a transformative journey as her family relocated to Europe. Since then, her abode has spanned across the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain. Seamlessly adapting to each new cultural milieu, Abril effortlessly embraced diverse languages and customs.

Fluent in Spanish, her native tongue, alongside English and German, Abril boasts linguistic prowess reflective of her rich multicultural encounters. Bolstered by a robust academic foundation and an abundance of cross-cultural encounters, she stands on the brink of commencing a career in Human Resources, driven by her pursuit of excellence.

Eagerly anticipating the next chapter of her professional odyssey, Abril eagerly looks forward to contributing her expertise to Arcadia's HR team. Enthusiastic about enriching the company's dynamic and collaborative ethos, she remains steadfast in her commitment to perpetual learning and personal development.

Abril Croppi
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