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Zohar Bowen Bronet

Chief Research Officer

Conceived in Montreal, Canada, Zohar Bowen-Bronet’s socialization began in 1990 amidst the bilingual city’s characteristic cultural strength and strife, indelibly transfiguring him and his trajectory. The subversive social circumstances of a Jewish anglophone schooled in Quebec’s private French secondary education system, coupled with conscientious parents who championed critical thinking and a childhood composed of curiosity, cultivated an incurable craving to comprehend the complexities social life comprises. Thus, subsequent to secondary school, he sought solutions from the fields of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and political science, majoring in the former and minoring in the latter three at Concordia University in Montreal.

Eclosing from the ivory chrysalis of academia in 2013, where he contributed to campus life by leading Concordia’s Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ orientation week, Zohar eschewed convention, embracing the erudition of Euripides and countless emissaries of enlightenment and embarking on a lifelong edificatory endeavor of exploration as an educator, commencing in eastern Asia. The ensuing years of immersion in enigmatic landscapes, lifestyles, and languages, encapsulating over 45 countries across 3 continents, cultivated a conviction to synthesize, crystallize, and consecrate his exogenous experiences in the crucible of graduate studies, in which he enrolled in 2019 at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona’s bonafide bastion of linguistics, social sciences, and humanities.

Enriched and endowed with an MA in communication (with honors) specialized in interdisciplinary approaches to discourse analysis, journalism, and advocacy, Zohar has established himself in Barcelona and is engaged as an editor for a prestigious scholarly journal publisher. Perpetually in pursuit of his passion for sociological perplexities, his time is dedicated to expanding his radically original theory of newsworthiness and journalistic ethics stemmed from sociologist Donald Black’s genius, steeping in the profound French prose of Balzac and contemporaries, and ceaselessly stoking the cinders of expedition still smoldering within him.

Zohar Bowen Bronet
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