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Ludovica Di Meco

Head of Writers Departmant

Ludovica Di Meco was born in 1999 in Pescara, Italy. She completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Diplomatic Science and International Affairs at the University of Bologna, and is currently enrolled in a Master’s Degree in Human Geography at Radboud University, in the Netherlands. She is interested in current international affairs, peace building and conflict resolution, and wishes to combine such fields with her passion for journalism, writing and reporting.

Next to her educational path, she never disregarded her love for literature, philosophy and music, and she is curious about any form of art and communication. She is always looking for new challenges and activities, and constantly seeks to interact with new realities to discover and comprehend the world surrounding her.

• Specialty areas:
• International Relations & Diplomacy
• Philosophy
• Conflict studies

Ludovica Di Meco
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