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Francesca Lodo

Chief Creative Officer

Francesca Lodo, a native of Turin, Italy, hails from a city renowned for its rich artistic heritage. She cultivated her artistic talents and education at the prestigious Accademia Albertina of Fine Arts, where she completed her studies.

Her professional journey commenced as an art director and set designer in the musical realm, working in collaboration with the record label "Awra43." In this capacity, she exhibited her directorial prowess by overseeing the production of music videos, curating captivating content for social media platforms, and orchestrating visually striking photo shoots.

In 2022, Francesca made a significant contribution to the establishment of a non-profit association called "La rosa degli eventi." This pioneering initiative aims to provide economically accessible art workshops to individuals of all backgrounds, creating a platform for them to further develop and refine their artistic skills beyond the confines of traditional educational institutions.

Driven by an unwavering passion for art, Francesca actively explores diverse domains, seeking to forge connections between different specialties and disciplines. Her broad-ranging artistic endeavors serve as a testament to her quest for interdisciplinarity and the integration of various artistic practices.

Through her multifaceted pursuits, Francesca Lodo showcases an unwavering commitment to the arts and an ardent desire to foster a cohesive artistic community. Her exploratory spirit and dedication to creating synergies between different artistic realms underscore her exceptional artistic vision and ambition.

Francesca Lodo
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