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Ximena Uría Ahuad

Ghost Editor

Ximena Uría Ahuad, born in Mexico City in 1996 and raised in Cancun, embarked on a quest to explore her roots in European art and culture. This journey led her to Barcelona, where she pursued her twin passions: cinema and literature. Over the course of six years, she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Audiovisual Communication and a Master's Degree in Comparative Studies of Literature, Art, and Thought. Her master's thesis delved into metafiction and reflexivity in cinema, specifically examining the portrayal of actresses as cinematic devices of reflexivity.

In the realm of cinema, Ximena showcased her multifaceted talent by writing and directing the documentary "La Malinche y yo." This film serves as an expression of her profound affection for her two homes, Mexico and Spain, while also encapsulating a bittersweet essence, conveying a lingering melancholy that accompanies her wherever she roams. "La Malinche y yo" gained recognition as it was selected in the New Authors category at the Sitges International Film Festival. Additionally, Ximena contributed her skills as a graphic designer for Serielizados, an international series festival based in Barcelona and Madrid. Presently, Ximena channels her focus towards honing her skills in her other passion: literature. She is actively engaged in a course at Penguin Random House, specializing in editorial reading, professional editing, and translation. Simultaneously, she volunteers with TED Talks, undertaking professional translation projects.

Among her diverse array of interests, Ximena finds profound inspiration in the works of Milan Kundera, the French New Wave cinema movement, and the simple joy of long walks culminating at the shores of either the Mediterranean or the Caribbean Sea.

Ximena Uría Ahuad
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