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Vita Lipnik

Ghost Editor

Vita Lipnik was born in 1997 in Maribor, Slovenia.

She studied English and Film & Visual culture at the University of Aberdeen on the undergraduate level and is currently wrapping up her master’s in screenwriting at Trinity College Dublin.

Vita has worked as a freelance literary editor and translator for 3 years now. She is also employed as an interpreter in medical and legal contexts, working in Slovenian, English and Italian. When she is not translating, Vita is involved in scripting and production of short films and documentaries on pressing social issues such as migration, displacement, and identity.

As a film student and an avid reader, she is fascinated by storytelling traditions and the ever-evolving modes of storytelling, particularly their relation to the new developments in film and technologies such as AR and VR. In literature, she gravitates towards feminist retellings, postcolonial narratives, and tales of the Anthropocene.

In her free time, Vita climbs, collects screenplays, classics, science fiction and foreign-language films.

Speciality areas:

• Film (history and theory)
• Screenwriting and creative writing
• Postmodern and postcolonial literature

Vita Lipnik
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