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Victoria Bürgisser

Editor In Chief

Victoria Bürgisser developed a keen interest in culture, the theatre and learning new things from an early age. Life presented her with many opportunities to pursue these interests. She was fortunate to have the chance to live in several countries and experience different cultures. In 2001, Switzerland became her new home. She lived in both French and German-speaking parts of the country. She holds degrees in marketing, finance and accounting. Perhaps less obvious is her passion for design, fashion, style, colour and how elements are interconnected.

She has been fortunate to have worked in a number of different industries and roles. She began her career in the photo production industry in marketing, before moving on to client relationship management in a soft commodity trading company. Over the years, she has also had the opportunity to work as a business development specialist in an elite school of etiquette and protocol. Having come to understand what client-centricity truly entails, she embarked on a series of senior roles in marketing, content, communication and project management within the finance industry.

From this experience, she has learned that agility in life and work is key to success. As a result, she is a firm believer that anything is possible. Creativity is her greatest motivator. In her work, she draws upon it and approaches her projects in a fresh and creative way. She strives to optimise processes and identify new angles to topics in the marketing and communication fields. She believes that creativity is a valuable asset that can take her to new heights each time.

Victoria Bürgisser
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