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Temmuz Taha Şamcı


Temmuz Taha Şamcı, was born in 1997 in the city of Istanbul. He had not had defining skills until he published his first student journal with his friends during high-school. Only after, he came to the conclusion that he wants to understand and unveil what is going on with history, world, life and himself. The only adequate field to pursue such investigations that he decided was the philosophy department.

He enrolled in the philosophy department of Istanbul University in 2016. He spent his four years exploring and studying on every field he could get his hands on. Meanwhile, he took sociology, psychology, education and history courses in the same faculty. He went to Warsaw, Poland with the Erasmus program for half a year where he has learnt most from his mistakes. During his time in his bachelor degree, he conducted the management operation for several student associations and publications. At the end of his Bachelor’s, he decided that he had done everything he could in the field of philosophy according to the requirements of his age. Currently he studies his master degree in Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland.

Outside of his professions, he still likes to write, read and do further research on psychoanalysis, political economy, political cultures of actors in the international community and his other fields of interest. For the purpose of releasing the tendency within the composition of his body-mind, he plays basketball, cycles, and does kickboxing. He also has defining passions for cooking and dancing. He tries to preserve his tranquility in this chaotic order of life by embracing Daoist perspectives.

His academic specialities are:

• Political Philosophy
• Philosophy of Language
• Argumentative Writing
• Neoliberalism
• Neo-colonialism

Temmuz Taha Şamcı

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