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Sara Kišević


Sara Kišević, born on 1999, is a dynamic professional with a diverse academic background and a deep passion for the arts and culture sector. Holding a Master’s Degree in Arts and Culture Management from the Rome Business School, a Master’s Degree in World Literature from the University of Bern, and a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and Comparative Literature from the University of Zagreb, Sara has cultivated a unique blend of analytical and creative skills.

Proficient in several languages, including Croatian, English, Italian, Russian, and German, she is committed to fostering cross-cultural understanding and communication. During her academic journey, she showcased her commitment to the arts through publications in renowned platforms, such as the Swiss publication Manazir or Croatian academic journals Kulturflux and Kontrapost.

Sara’s love for performing and fine arts, literature, and the dynamic realm of publishing extends beyond mere interest; she perceives them as intertwining threads in the vibrant tapestry of art and culture. In her exploration of diverse artistic topics, she is guided by the belief that each element, from the stage to the page, contributes to the rich, interconnected narrative of the arts.

Sara Kišević
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