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Marta Parrondo González

Ghost Editor

Marta Parrondo González, born in 1998 in Spain, always loved reading and literature, which led her to pursue an English Studies degree specialising in British literature. However, during this degree she also had to study History, Philosophy, Culture, Linguistics… which proved to be really useful when understanding literary texts, and made her fall in love with the Humanities.

During the last year of her degree, Marta was granted a scholarship to start investigating alongside the English Linguistics and Literature department at her university, with the aim of expanding the canon of literature to include those writers that because of sociopolitical conditions have been left out. This investigation, albeit incomplete, was the subject of her first published academic paper. She aims to continue her passion for investigating and pursue this line of feminist revision of the canon.

Marta is currently studying a master’s degree to further her knowledge in British literature. Her other literary interests include modernism, Victorian literature and medieval poetry. As a language lover, Marta speaks Spanish and English fluently, and is currently learning Italian and Norwegian so as to broaden her understanding of the world.

Her main specialty areas are:

• Literature
• History
• Philosophy
• Linguistics and language learning

Marta Parrondo González
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