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Marcel Pepe Ascui


Marcel Pepe Ascui, a German-Bolivian individual, embodies a life shaped by wanderlust, weltschmerz, solitude, and sonder. His journey has led him through various crossroads, nurturing an enduring curiosity about the world and its inhabitants. His passion for aviation serves as a vehicle for exploration and self-discovery.

As an expatriate, Marcel has amassed diverse experiences, cultivating a multidisciplinary approach. His natural proficiency in languages fosters meaningful connections and lasting friendships, inspiring a genuine commitment to reciprocity within his social circles.

Each residency has proven both a playground and an experimental lab for Marcel, allowing him to observe, investigate, and revere the unknown as a catalyst for sustainable innovation.

Marcel's academic pursuits, centered on human-centered approaches, encompass advanced studies in psychology of conflict, ethnological research methods, International Security, Change Management, and Social Movements. His education, notably acquired in Barcelona, reflects a harmonious fusion of intellectual depth and personal dedication.

On a lighter note, Marcel Pepe Ascui has featured in an award-winning short film and humorously notes that he has yet to visit Greece—adding a touch of intrigue to his association with Arcadia.

Marcel Pepe Ascui
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