Giulia Bernuzzi


Giulia Bernuzzi, was born in 1999 in Milan, Italy. In 2021, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Lettere Moderne at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan with a thesis on the theatrical work of Milan Kundera, Jacques and His Master. After graduating, she moved to Amsterdam where she is currently finishing the final year of the Research Master in Literary Studies. Her main research interest is the link between ancient and contemporary literature.

She worked as a translator from French to English and vice versa during her bachelor years and also as a tourist guide in the city of Milan. Besides her intense passion for literature that she developed since she was a little child, she has always loved sports and more specifically golf and volleyball, gardening and travelling.

Her main specialties areas are:
• Italian Literature
• Comparative Literature
• Drama
• Publishing Industry

Giulia Bernuzzi

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