Enrika Janaviciute


Enrika Janaviciute was born in 1993 in Lithuania. She consistently excelled in her studies of her native Lithuanian as well as English and Russian, and later went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies at Newcastle University. During her time in university, she spent a year studying in Hiroshima, where she took part in a variety of events aimed at promoting international cooperation.

In 2017, Enrika moved to Japan to pursue a career as an English teacher. After spending a year and a half teaching academic writing, she moved on to work with professionals in a variety of fields ranging from consulting to academia assisting them with preparation for speeches and presentations, document translation and editing.

Enrika spends her free time reading everything she can get her hands on, exploring Tokyo, and trying to get her cat to love her.

Her specialties are:

• Cultural studies
• Literature
• International relations
• Proofreading and translation

Enrika Janaviciute

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