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Elif Nur Pehlevan


Elif was born in 1999 in Bursa, Turkey. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in philosophy at Boğaziçi University where she discovered her passion for the depths of art and philosophy and crowned her academic success with the Film Studies and Art Certificates.

During her undergraduate years, Elif made an effort to constantly improve herself and gain experience in different fields. Elif also experienced the dynamics of the business world by working as a social media assistant in a psychological consultancy company. Here she played a critical role in how to effectively communicate people's emotional needs. With her work, she took an important step in understanding and helping people's inner worlds.

Today, Elif continues to renew herself continuously with the training she receives in various fields. Academically, she dives deep into philosophy, psychology, and the arts, especially film. Her expertise in these areas makes her not only an audience but also an analytical thinker and commentator.

Art has a special place in Elif's life. Art branches such as sculpture and ceramics became a way of expressing her creative thinking and aesthetic sense. Art is both a form of expression and an inner journey for her. This interest in art in general perfectly reflects the balance between her intellectual depth and emotional richness. In general, her interests are shaped by a desire to explore the deep meaning of life and understand the human experience.

Elif's future seeks a balance between art and philosophy that drives her to constantly seek inspiration. Every step seems to be a step towards strengthening her intellectual development and ability to connect with people. In the future, she plans to leave important works in the academic field and the art world by combining this equipment.

Elif Nur Pehlevan
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