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Betty McCann


Betty McCann hails from the sunny island of Cyprus, where she thrived and surrounded herself with a plethora of languages and cultures until 2012 when she decided to venture north with her parents to the colder climates of Scotland and further her love for linguistics.

As far as her memory can stretch, Betty has always been a linguist and a writer, taking great pleasure in observing patterns in words and grammar like fine art. Her schooling has been focused intensively on languages, grammar, linguistics and translation from a very early age, and she has continued these studies at university - where she graduated with an honours Master of Arts degree in English with French from the University of Dundee. Her final thesis dissected the works of Bret Easton Ellis in the context of sexuality, gender identity and femininity and as a commentary on the contemporary status of the body as a commodity.

Before settling on her degree in English with French, she began university studying towards a degree in English with European Languages; she focused diligently on German and French as languages in context and creative translation.

Betty discovered her passion for translation when she was a child, translating Greek children's tales into English as early as kindergarten and advancing to translating popular French texts and passages into English during her primary and secondary education. She has continued her pursuit of translation opportunities by translating German works of literature into English at university to add to her beloved portfolio of language exploration.

An intense passion and unbeatable determination for words have brought her to become a Bid and Technical Writer for an IT solutions company following her graduation. When she isn't buried deep in corporate responsibility - she spends her time doing what she loves most - ensuring a creative flow of words and ideas by being an editor for academic texts and creating her art through carefully crafted words by contributing pieces to a lifestyle and travel magazine.

Residing in Scotland to this day, Betty splits her time between Edinburgh, which she claims has captivated her soul, and Glasgow, the city she calls home.

Speciality Areas:

• Modernism and Postmodernism in Literature
• Victorian Literature
• American Literature (Early, Romantic, Naturalist, Modernist)
• African Literature (Colonial and Post-Colonial)
• Scottish Literature
• Transcendentalism

Betty McCann

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