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Andrea Escobar


Andrea Escobar, originally from Bogota, Colombia, is a passionate woman whose love for reading and the English language led her to pursue a degree in Modern Languages. Eager to broaden her linguistic horizons, Andrea dedicated herself to mastering English while acquiring proficiency in French and German.

Guided by an unwavering passion for literary and editorial translation, Andrea embarked on a transformative journey, enhancing her craft through immersion courses at institutions such as Cálamo & Cran and the Penguin Random House Publishing School. These experiences served as a launching pad to a deep understanding of the art inherent in language and the delicate balance needed to convey meaning across diverse cultural landscapes.

To broaden her knowledge, Andrea pursued a Master's degree in Translation and Interculturality at the University of Seville, Spain. It was at this point that she realized that language becomes a mirror reflecting the rich tapestry of art, history, people, customs, and the myriad nuances that define our collective human experience.

For Andrea, translation transcends mere words on a page; it is a true passion that allows her to bridge languages and cultures. She enjoys the intricate dance of words and meanings, and complements her love of translation with an appreciation for the limitless beauty of both language and art in its many different manifestations.

Andrea Escobar
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