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Bilingualism 101

Wonders of child bilingualism and the cognitive advantages...

Child bilingualism constitutes a significant global phenomenon, which implies that many societies worldwide are multilingual. Thus, children encounter many languages which play a crucial role in shaping their thoughts and minds. If on one hand children may hear two (or more) languages from birth, they could also be reared bilingually despite not living in a bilingual family. This series of articles is therefore focused on bilinguals’ development and the mechanisms involved in the mastery of a plurality of linguistic codes.

The Bilingualism 101 series will be divided into the following chapters of content:

1. Bilingualism 101: Bilingualism in Early Childhood.

2. Bilingualism 101: Biological Basis of Bilingualism.

3. Bilingualism 101: The Bilingual Brain.

4. Bilingualism 101: Bilingualism and Society.

5. Bilingualism 101: Bilingualism in Immigrants.

6. Bilingualism 101: Language Delay in Bilingualism.

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