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Valentin Frago Espino

Content Artist

Valentin Frago Espino, born in Panama City, Panama. Currently studying overseas in Madrid Spain, he is broadening his horizons in what he can do as an illustrator.

Since an early age, he has been entertained with the playfulness of drawing. After some years taking that entertainment as a hobby, he manages to take the initiative to make it his career. Curious with the creativity of concept artists and telling stories through meaningful characters, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in 3D animation in the visual arts school Trazos and later on a bachelor’s degree in Illustration at the same institute. At the moment, he is taking a course on 2D animation at the same school.

He believes that a well written story with a cast of characters with fulfilling and unique designs attached to it helps to enrich, either evidently or subtly, the themes and meanings of narrative. And so, having an impactful and creative way to express those aspects visually is an important key to bring to life marvelous tales.

His areas of specialty are:

• Concept Art
• Illustration
• Animation

Valentin Frago Espino
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