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Miriam Bernal García

Art Consultant

Miriam Bernal García was born in Pamplona but is based in Barcelona, Spain.

She is an ambitious and talented young creative who is passionate about creating different solutions for any field; she is a professional problem solver in the world of design.

She graduated in Design at the University of Navarra specializing in service design, after which, she studied a Master in Art Direction at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Miriam is a restless and curious person, that's why she has extensive experience in various fields of the design world. She started working as a graphic designer before finishing her studies and combined it as a curator of events and creative exhibitions. She has been at the head of service design and UX projects (she got to exhibit at Milan Design Week in 2019). She also has experience as a space designer as well as budget management. She is currently dedicated to art direction in design projects.

She is always willing to embrace different learning methods and working models for her personal and professional development. She is passionate about design, and that is why she has found in it a way of expressing herself through which she feels free and able to reflect her best abilities.

Miriam Bernal García
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