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Atabey Akgok

Legal Consultant

Atabey Akgok is a dynamic legal professional with a global perspective, originally from Istanbul, Turkey. His journey began in 1997 and later led him to Izmir during his formative years. His pursuit of excellence is evident through his educational achievements and diverse project involvements.

In 2019, Atabey completed his LLB at Bahcesehir University, swiftly transitioning to a qualified lawyer role, accumulating two years of practical experience. Fueling his passion for intellectual property and contract law, he pursued his LLM at Queen Mary University of London while residing in Manchester. Actively engaged in the UK legal industry, he aspires to become a solicitor, seamlessly blending his legal expertise with a keen interest in technology and gaming.

Atabey envisions a career as an international lawyer for premier entertainment companies, leveraging his unique amalgamation of legal proficiency and technological acumen.

His main speciality areas are:


·      Copyright Law

·      Trade Mark Law

·      Contract Law

·      Licensing

Atabey Akgok
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