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Sabrina Hansson Viñas

Ghost Editor

Sabrina Hansson Viñas, Argentina, 1996.

As an accomplished editor and translator, Sabrina brings meticulous attention to detail and a deep appreciation for literature to her role. With a degree in Translation Studies, she possesses a profound understanding of language specificities.

As a methodical editor, Sabrina conducts multiple readings of texts, meticulously examining areas such as grammar, style, and overall language usage. Her background as a teacher enhances her ability to provide constructive criticism, fostering meaningful dialogues with writers and creating a collaborative atmosphere.
Specializing in investment texts and technical videogame content, Sabrina adeptly navigates the intricacies of these distinct subject matters. Her expertise allows her to effectively convey the nuances and complexities of financial and gaming terminology.

In addition to her editing expertise, Sabrina is also actively involved in a research project on phonetics and language fluency improvement, collaborating with her university. Her research delves into the intricacies of phonetic patterns and pronunciation, aiming to develop effective strategies that promote natural and fluent language use.

In her free time, Sabrina indulges in her passion for literature, reflecting on characters, plotlines, and writing styles, and finding connections and common themes among authors. This love for literature further enriches her understanding and appreciation of language.

With a strong dedication to her craft, Sabrina combines her passion for literature, expertise in translation, and meticulous editing skills to ensure high-quality and polished final products.

Sabrina Hansson Viñas
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